How To Speed Up Windows 7

by admin on May 2, 2012

Speed up windows 7Many people have asked me how to speed up their Windows 7. It seems like it’s very common issue for many computer users. For me, it looks like Microsoft have failed with this Operation System, but fortunately everything can be fixed. In this article I will show you exactly what you have to do in order to speed up your windows 7. So what are the slow windows 7 symptoms?


  • Booting (start up) time – sometimes it can take so much time. Maybe you would like to quickly check your inbox or read some important news, but it just takes unbelievable long until you finally can log into computer.
  • Once you have logged into your PC you have to deal with several different POP-UPs.
  • The first two minutes your computer looks like frozen. Basically you have to watch the sand-glass.
  • Your antivirus software (also known as internet security)  seems to slow down your computer.
  • It takes ages before you can finally go on the internet.
  • Your computer crashes very often.

So what are slowing down you computer?

There are hundreds of reasons why your computer might act slowly. To start with, you might have thousands of invalid files and softwares on your computer that most likely are slowing down you computer. Furthermore, registry files might be infected with different viruses and you might have installed different unwanted programs that are running on the background. It’s very hard to remove and disable those programs if you don’t know much about computers. Moreover, your windows 7 might have been infected by spyware and malware which are most likely causing your computer slowness. Another reason might be that you don’t have enough disc space left (very common reason). They are just some of the mentioned things that might cause extremely slow PC. I would strongly recommend you to use special tool which can remove those problems all together.

How to Speed up Windows 7 ?

So how can you speed up your windows 7? It can be done manually, but in most cases it takes a lot of time and if you are not an IT expert then you might fail with it. I even know some people who have lost all their files because they were trying to boost and tweak their windows 7, but they didn’t even know what exactly they were doing. However, I found a great tool called Turbo your PC. I have tested it on many computers/laptops and I have to admit it really works!

Turbo your PC

PC Booster is a great tool for people who want to speed up windows 7. This software can speed up your computer up to 70%. So what this “Turbo your PC” really do?

  • Full PC Scan for diagnosing your computer
  • Maximizing PC performance
  • Cleaning your windows 7
  • Removing unwanted spyware and malware
  • Improves internet browsing speed
  • Improves start up time

Right now, they are offering FREE SCAN for 1 month. Read more from the Turbo Your PC website by clicking on the “Free SCAN”. Don’t wait and speed up your windows 7 today!

Free instant scan


Turbo your PC supports Windows 7, XP & Vista (32 & 64 bit)

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